Eiffel Tower with solar halo

Eiffel Tower with solar halo

Eiffel tower with solar halo: A 22 degree solar halo, caused by ice crystals in the upperatmosphere, hangs around the Eiffel tower. Having an interest inatmospheric optics, it's always a joy to capture such a halo, but tosee one in such a stunning location was truly amazing. The patternswhich can appear in the sky caused by the reflections and reflectionsof sunlight through ice, water and dust are as varied as they arespectacular. This picture is taken using a six frame panorama, eachframe of which has been tone-mapped to bring out the detail of thetower, while not losing the colours of the halo.

Artist: Jo. Shock
Colour Photograph
Size 19 cm x 21 cm

Eiffel Tower with solar haloScale
The Eiffel like a memorabilia on a table, is here. The central line of architecture tips with a glow of a mirage of light.
The dimensions are from the ground up. The structure, like a beast, slightly demented as our view is warped in a design 
 of simetry.
Written by E. Waller 25/03/10
Eiffel Tower with solar haloTA:00258 10.00 35.00
Photography 19 cm x 21 cm Artist: Jonathan Shock

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