9-11 Global

9-11 Global

The almost upending use of planes to make us aware of the disaistrous consequences of plane crashes and the carnage that comes to the cities. Ironically the bottom half would indicate the subconscious message that there would soon be war from other sorts of planes. This is after all a painting about 9/11.

Artist: F. Burges
Silk Screen Prints
Size 45 cm x 38 cm

9-11 GlobalScale
Interests: mixed disciplines - modelling, sculpture, 
drawing, printmaking, stone and wood 
Finding inspiration through capturing the incidental visual content of scenes, with referral to contemporary and earlier artist' interpretations.
9-11 GlobalTA:0089 20.00 210.00
Silk Screen Print 45 cm x 38 cm Artist: F. Burges Framed

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