Air 111

Air 111

The frame is included! Heightened lit scenery and cloudscapes can be an inspiration but hardly ever in painting as the same way as this one is.

Artist: C. McElhatton
Oil Painting on canvas
Size 44 cm x 34 cm

Air 111Scale
The associative part turn to the lakes, the sea shore and beyond. 
The will of shimmering reflection, a connection between the clouds and the sea.
A defining of horizon stable on the seas but not so for the hills to perception.

The nature of McEltham is not bewilderment but the frugal vents of nature, as a mazes of gas, cloud, intimate details of the landscapes. This provides familiarity of sense, or the wiling of transport in the open, the exposed to the horizon. Here is the old arguement of the seas, the commanders of fate, commerce, transport of peoples and latterly the wish to find pleasure and leasure in our pursuits. We are all in our nature here. Written by E. Waller (07/09/10)
Air 111TA:00689 10.00 215.00
Watercolour 44 cm x 34 cm Artist: C. McElhatton

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