The Last Supper

The Last Supper

The contemplation of the feast ahead has everyone talking though what about remains an object of discussion in itself. The metamorphic overtones to the title of a religious and now frog cartoon provides us with a new enchantment with the myths of the last supper.

Artist: G. Challenger
Glicee Print, using archival inks on digital fine art paper
(Original Pencil on Paper)
Size 79 cm x 39 cm
The Last SupperScale

"The Last Supper".  Gemma's meticulous drawing pulls you into an enchanting and quirky world. Here is the Last Supper with frogs feasting on human's legs.
 See the legs arriving on a bicycle-chain conveyor belt, the wine being served insects, the frogs' lily-pad chairs growing up through the chequer-board
 floor, the clothes-peg trestles supporting the table. Various insects, snails and spiders scurry about, and eery square inch seems to be populated with
 intriguing and sometimes macabre details, many of which will have you smiling and chuckling to yourself. Gemma was training to be a painter,
 but her idiosyncratic drawing gradually grew and took over and have taken on a wonderful, authentic life of their own. The worlds she creates are full
 of familiar objects, yet strange, surreal and beguiling.

Alan Mynall 

The Last SupperTA:00245 20.00 120.00
Glicee Print, using arhival inks on digital fine art paper (Original Pencil on Paper)
Edition of 30
79 cm x 39 cm Artist: G. Challenger

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