Autumna Suncatcher

Autumna Suncatcher

Artist: D. Williams
Glass Sculpture
Size 33 cm x 9 cm

Autumna SuncatcherScale
The quality of our journey is our understanding of the spatial awareness around us and our position in it. 
In front and behind, sideways on makes us the myths of time, the physical presence of objects or indeed
human body language are understood by the innate position and reaction of all around us. This sculpture
has this quality of questioning what we are in front of, or indeed is this a use of the senses, speaking to us
by the veritable organic nature, a mosaic of time and threshold of the compass. Is this indeed a presence, 
a monster or a monument to peace? Helpful is our personal reactions which tell us this is it. Is it indeed
a talisman of the future?

Written By E. Waller  23/03/10
SuncatcherTA:00213 15.00 83.00
Glass Sculpture 33 cm x 9 cm Artist: D. Williams

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