Good, R.

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Good, R.

For me, the time I spend up to my elbows in oil paints are precious hours spent exploring the fascinating (sometimes frustrating: world in which we live. It allows me the luxury of pondering the great imponderables.

My mind buzzes with the question about the sheer diversity of life on earth and critically, the science that makes it all happen. From the big bang to investigating our endless desire for speeding up, travelling further, shouting louder. How even the most innocuous word can become a cacophony of adverting slogans that puncture our daily lives like the rat-a-tat-at of machine gun fire.

Life is here to be celebrate and that's what I hope I go through my work. Each painting is an exploration into the conflict that exist between all living things as they spar for attention and space. Through organic forms, bold statements and rich colours I challenge the subtle nuances between showy beauty and retiring modesty, the bond between predator and prey, the passing of time frivolity and substance, and when it come down to it the compromises we all have to make just to get by.

Life , it seems, is never simple. But the beauty of it all lies in its imperfections; the struggles, the ironies. My aim is simply to get you looking, smiling and thinking.

Artist: Robert Good
Pop art Size


Coffee Table (Blue) 165.00

Artist: R. Good Coffee Table (Blue)

Coffee Table (Pink) 165.00

Artist: R. Good Coffee Table (Pink)

Ding 130.00

Artist: R. Good Ding

Don't box me in 130.00

Artist: R. Good Don't box me in

Fizz 130.00

Artist: R. Good Fizz

Flight of fancy snippet 130.00

Artist: R. Good Flight of fancy snippet

Glow 130.00

Artist: R. Good Glow

Goldfish (tanks alot) 195.00

Artist: R. Good Goldfish (tanks alot)

Goldfish (the Great Escape) 165.00

Artist: R. Good Goldfish (the Great Escape)

Grin and bare it 55.00

Artist: R. Good Grin and bare it

If I had a little Monet (Fields) 165.00

Artist: R. Good If I had a little Monet (Fields)

If I had a little Monet (Poplars) 165.00

Artist: R. Good If I had a little Monet (Poplars)