Beck-Burridge, M.

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Beck-Burridge, M.

M. BECK-BURRIDGE BSc., MA. Post Grad Cert Photography.

Martin has shown a sensitivity to his subject which has taken into the world of expression where few words are needed. His trek to Africa and beyond has born fruit by bringing home a certainty that life is different where ever you turn. The sense of humanity crowns his achievement in depicting humans coping in difficult circumstances. This is Africa, jeep included, which not all of us feel comfortable seeing. Reality bites our consciences here and abroad as we struggle to cope with the things going on around us.

Visiting Academic Fellow, Henley Management College and Visiting Lecturer at Cranfield School of management. Working on projects in the Middle East having attended the 4th International Conference on Democracy and Economic Development in the Gulf in 2004, the 2005 and 2006 Conferences in Qatar at the Governments invitation. Also working in the areas of international terrorism, the illegal drugs industry and organised crime. Working on book/research projects on Qatar and the Gulf States and have published a book on the work of an international charity in Malawi published in February 2008. Further work following from my Final Degree Show at Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London, in June 2005. Currently working on a photographic book on the work of Sue Ryder Care Ireland, on caring for the elderly.

Publications include "Britain's Winning Formula; Achieving World Leadership in Motorsports" the story of Britain's advanced automotive engineering and motorsport cluster, was published by Macmillan on 26th November 1999. This research was extended by a joint research project with Birmingham University and Cranfield Business School funded by the Motorsport Industry Association, an executive summary of the research results was released in January 2001, and the final report was published in April 2001. The story of how Subaru used sports sponsorship and marketing to develop their brand, the story of Prodrive and Subaru, was published in March 2001. A book on the theme of the economic benefits of sports sponsorship and innovation entitled Building Brand, Business and Profit; Jaguar & Subaru, was published on 16th November 2001 by Macmillan/Palgrave. Liberating Lives, a book on the work of the Sue Ryder Foundation in Malawi published in February 2008.

Target- Art organised Exhibition: The Opening of at the Magic Cafe 23/08/08


Ayrton Senna 75.00

Artist: M. Beck-Burridge Ayrton Senna

Charming Smile 50.00

Artist: M. Beck-Burridge Charming Smile

Dancer 50.00

Artist: M. Beck-Burridge Dancer

Drunk 55.00

Artist: M. Beck-Burridge Drunk

Fawley Cricket Pitch 55.00

Artist: M. Beck-Burridge Fawley Cricket Pitch

Fireworks over Frigate 50.00

Artist: M. Beck-Burridge Fireworks over Frigate

Formula One 55.00

Artist: M. Beck-Burridge Formula One

Man with Guinness 50.00

Artist: M. Beck-Burridge Man with Guinness

Man with Hat 50.00

Artist: M. Beck-Burridge Man with Hat

Old Woman 50.00

Artist: M. Beck-Burridge Old Woman

Orchid 50.00

Aritst: M. Beck-Burridge Orchid

Red Arrows 50.00

Artist: M. Beck-Burridge Red Arrows