Lund-Lack, T.

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Lund-Lack, T.

Skies and seas are the foundation of most of my paintings; capturing the movement of a wave or the light on clouds is in every sense a challenge and the moment when all the elements are in harmony is fleeting. ?

When all these elusive features are brought together successfully in an attractive combination of colours and tones, reflective of many moods then I am satisfied. To these elemental features I sometimes bring the romanticism of the rider and horse or just the horse on its own capturing an impression of a moment in time and the interaction of colour, light and movement. The same passion for moments is to be found in many of my other paintings which portray drama, speed, grace or romance.

It is perhaps ironic that some of my paintings contain military subjects, as it is not war that appeals to me but the machines. Machines are neutral and I tend to see them as iconic shapes, identifiable with defining moments of historical significance. Undoubtedly they can also add dramatic narrative or be used to create interesting contradictions to my seas and skies, thus for all these reasons I use them as subjects for my paintings.

Target-Art organised Art Exhibition:
The Red Cow, Wooburn Green, (20 April 2009 - 2 June 2009) 2008 Suffolk Open Studios Showcase Exhibition Anglia Art Exhibition Suffolk Open studios at the Upstairs gallery Horse in Art, Obsidian Gallery, Buckinghamshire 2007 Two man show at Easton Farm Park, Framlingham. 2006 The Suffolk Horse Fair Spring Art Fair Ipswich Tendring Hundred Art show Essex 2004 Ipswich Art Festival Society of Equestrian Artists Summer Show - The Mall Gallery. Natural World Art exhibition - Banhams Zoo Norfolk. Horse in Art exhibition - Obsidian Art Gallery Buckinghamshire Christmas Art Fair, Ipswich. 2003 East Anglia's Finest Artists Robert Cross Hall, Corn Exchange Ipswich Debut at Gallery Kaleidoscope, London NW6 The 'Equus' Art exhibition - Banhams Zoo, Norfolk 2002 Society of Equestrian Artists Summer Show at Christies 
 News and Press Feature in the East Anglian Equestrian magazine for Spring and Summer 2006. Feature in Norfolk and Suffolk Life magazine May 2008. Comments by other artists Pat Watson, Australia said Fortunately, or in my case unfortunately I have been drawn to a style that is both challenging and extremely difficult. Like any good portrait one endeavours to represent more than just the subject. It's obvious to me that in your work Tom you have achieved something special. You have produced movement and action that is quite impossible to deliver from even the best camera. November 2008 Elaine Fraser, New Zealand said Your work is very inspirational. I just love your style; it is easy and accomplished, not fussy or overworked. I admire artists with that ability, as I struggle with detail and knowing when enough is enough. Love your use of colour too. December 2008. Michelle Gates, UK said Beautiful work, very inspiring. December 2008. Louise Hafesh, New Jersey USA said Luscious colors... masterful sense of movement... serene atmosphere... your paintings are a joy to behold! November 2008. Martin Clarke, Australia said Terrific work, Tom. Great subjects, painted with great skill and a distinctive style. November 2008.
 Collections My work is represented in private collections in the UK and USA.


Air Cover 690.00

Artist: T. Lund-Lack Air Cover

Blue Morning 770.00

Artist: T. Lund-Lack Blue Morning

Broadside 995.00

Artist: T. Lund-Lack Broadside

Castle Of Steel 950.00

Artist: T. Lund-Lack Castle Of Steel

False Start 500.00

Artist: T. Lund-Lack False Start

Flying High 325.00

Artist: T. Lund-Lack Flying High

Haflingers 595.00

Aritst: T. Lund-Lack Haflingers

Head On 950.00

Artist: T. Lund-Lack Head On

Hot Shots 210.00

Artist: T. Lund-Lack Hot Shots

Mediterrean Blue 750.00

Artist: T. Lund-Lack Mediterrean Blue

On his Way 1100.00

Artist: T. Lund-Lack On his Way

On the Bit 1315.00

Artist: Tom Lund-Lack On the Bit