Wilhelm Jania, M.

Wilhelm Jania, M.

Born in Wodzislaw Slaski in Poland in 1985 a small city with little Artistic heritage. From an early age, I discovered that I had a natural aptitude for creativity and loved to explore Art in a variety of forms. Through my work, I was able to express my personality which much like the Art that I create polarises opinions!

After eight years, I looked around for an Art school which would nurture my creativity. I decided upon a school in Biasko Biata, which meant moving to a dormitory and a degree of independence.

Through this time I continued to discover and explore Art and with the expert guidance of others I began to discover more about Art. It was also at this time with influence of other's I discovered an interest in the critical evaluation of others, having a strong sense of my like and dislikes. I constantly strived to push myself to the next level of my work.

In 2004, I won the Grand Prix of painting in Poland, which was the first boost to my self-esteem as it was a recognition of my abilities, this recognition only fuelled the fire further and I worked even harder to push the boundaries of my work.

I completed Art school in 2005 and had a small exhibition in my home town which due to a stronger interest in drink went somewhat unnoticed.

From the time that I began Art schoo,l I realised that I had some natural talent and ability. For a very long time it had been my dream to go to England to discover more about my art.

I began to gain confidence about my work and was able to express my feelings and emotions in my work.

I won the prize of commended Artist At Rotheram Art Competition.

Finally, I have made it to study at Sheffield Hallam University.

Currently, I am trying to move away form my Drawing and Painting skills and trying to express myself through other media such as movies. Although, still Drawing and Painting as I did in Poland, I am now trying to use more modern media to express my feelings in a different way.


Man 240.00

Artist: M. Wilhelm Jania Man

Portrait 110.00

Artist: M. Wilhelm Jania Portrait

Study of a girl's head 110.00

Artist: M.Wilhelm Jania Study of a girl's head

Study of a man 340.00

Artist: M. Wilhelm Jania Study of a man

Study of a woman figure 260.00

Artist: M. Wilhelm Jania Study of a woman figure

Study of the Face 310.00

Artist: M. Wilhelma Jania Study of the Face

Study of Water 410.00

Artist: M. Wilhelm Jania Study of Water