Dyson, F

Dyson, F

Painting and drawing are a ꬵst럦or me, and that ꬵst럨as obviously been a hugely important part of my life, not only in the UK, but in Australia, France, Venice, and Cambridge (where I lived for many years, brought up my son and did a degree in Archaeology). I have now returned to Scotland and am again enjoying enormously, painting the wonderful landscape with its ever changing moods, from glowering drama to the most soul replenishing peacefulness. There챠a busy year ahead for me in 2009, as I have a solo exhibition in Cambridge at the end of March; Spring Fling (Open Studios) here in Dumfries and Galloway, at the end of May, and a four-artist exhibition at the Artists럓howcase Gallery in Kirkcudbright in July; this gallery features artists from all over Scotland. All this should give me plenty opportunity to cover my canvases, and probably me, in oil paint. I use more brush work on my city scapes and painting knives for landscapes, although there is absolutely no hard and fast rule about this, or indeed the use of fingers!


Glencoe 8 240.00

Artist : F. Dyson Glencoe 8

Glenetive - 1 370.00

Artist: F. Dyson Glenetive - 1

Glenetive - 2 320.00

Artist: F. Dyson Glenetive - 2