Knowland, M

Knowland, M

Initially trained as a potter, Mary worked for many years making and selling pots before taking a course in textiles which took her back to her drawing and painting roots her father was a painter.

Landscapes - The monumentality of the land is a driving force. A trip to the American desert taught me that although it has literally been moved around over the millennia it can create a gentle, enveloping feeling, a quite extraordinary experience.

Expression of the third dimension has always been important in my work, even with the earlier abstracted pieces, relating colour to abstracted volume.

Mary exhibits in Oxfordshire, Gloucestershire and London


Arizona Spring 290.00

Artist: M. Knowland Arizona Spring

Canyon De Chelly 1990.00

Artist: M. Knowland Canyon De Chelly

Canyon Detail 330.00

Artist: M. Knowland Canyon Detail

From The Edge 1990.00

Artist: M. Knowland From The Edge

Landforms 280.00

Artist: M. Knowland Landforms

Navajo Canyon 500.00

Artist: M. Knowland Navajo Canyon

Some Where, Nowhere, Here 570.00

Artist: M. Knowland Some Where, Nowhere, Here